4 Hours - Delos - The island of Apollo & Artemis


Meet your guide and after a short boat trip away, this tiny uninhabited island and birthplace of Apollo was once the center of the Delian League, a famous political and religious center of the ancient world, the Delos island having been inhabited between 2500 and 69 b.C.

Visit the ancient market Agora, the famous terrace of the unique marble Naxos lions, the holy lake, the ancients living quarters and theater that give you a lively vision of the daily life then; especially the houses of Dionysos, Kleopatra, the Trident, the Masks, the Dolphins with their mosaics are a fantastic experience of art not to be missed.

Continue your visit to admire remains of temples, holy places, and settlements dating back from the Neolithic to the Roman periods, like the temple of Isis, the Egyptian goddess, the Roman water system and cisterns, and the wonderful museum with plenty of breathtaking mosaics, statues, and many more objects found during the excavations.


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This Program Includes

Duration: +/- 4 hours

Round trip A/C vehicle transfers & driver, licensed English-speaking guide, round trip ferry tickets, entrance fees, taxes.

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