3-Days Delphi - Meteora

Delphi – Meteora


Day 1:

We begin our fascinating tour with a scenic drive to Delphi via the National Highway through the spectacular sites of Boetia, Thebes and Levadia to visit one of the most famous Monasteries of Ossios Lucas, which is one of the most representative monuments of the artistic greatness of the Byzantine Empire. It was built in the period of prosperity under the Macedonian dynasty, between 867 and 1059 AD. The monastery is dedicated to St. Luke the Steiriotis. His family was uprooted from Aegina after the raid of Saracens and Saint Luke was born in “Castorion”, the current Delphi.

After a short stop at the monastery, we continue towards Delphi, which is one of the national treasures of Greece, the heritage of UNESCO. It was here that the Greeks honored God Apollo, creating his Sanctuary, and it was here that the god would speak to the people through his oracle. You will visit the impressive archaeological site, where you will see the Temple of Apollo, the Kastallia Spring, the Athenian treasury and the theatre. After this fascinating sightseeing, you will enjoy your lunch in Delphi and you will enjoy your afternoon at leisure. In the evening, visit the nearby picturesque mountain village built at the feet of Mt Parnassus, Arachova for dinner. Overnight in Delphi.



Day 2:

After breakfast you will visit the Museum of Delphi that houses the immense Bronze Charioteer, Eniochos. At noon we will be setting off for Kalambaka, towards the second important destination of this tour, Meteora. Crossing the plain of Thessaly, we will be reaching Kalambaka late in the afternoon. Visit two of the six monasteries still in use. Dinner and overnight in Kalambaka that offers views to the grand rock formations, known as Meteora.



Day 3:

After breakfast, meet your guide and start with an exciting visit to the complex of Monasteries, wisely built on the top of the huge rocks, providing a safe refuge to the monks and nuns since the 11th century AD. The monasteries of Meteora is a complex built during the Byzantine era and still stirs feelings of admiration to its visitors. Meteora Monasteries are part of UNESCO‘ s World Heritage Sites, built on the top of high rocks.

This is one of the most imposing sites you have ever seen and breaths history and beauty at the same time. Visit another two of the six monasteries still in use. Upon completion of the Monasteries tour, you will have lunch at Kalambaka, before head back to Athens. On the way back we will pass by Thermopylae, the actual site of the battle between the Persians and the Greeks where King Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 men showed unparalleled bravery fighting thousands of Persian invaders. You will also see a memorial statue to King Leonidas of Sparta, featuring the phrase “Molon Lave” which means “Come and get it”. This was the famous response given to the Persians by Leonidas when their army demanded the Spartans give their weapons and surrender.

Arrive in Athens early evening.

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This Program Includes

Duration: +/- 3 days / 2 nights

Included: Private A/c vehicle & driver, licensed English-speaking guide, guide & driver accommodation, entrance fees, taxes.

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